Easy Gelli Printed Journal

Before I attended the Artiscape Artists Retreat last month, I made several mini gelli printed journals to trade with other artists at the retreat and thought that I would share the process with you.

First, create the pages of your journal by making lots of prints on your gelatin plate.  Be sure to make prints on both sides of the paper or if you print on one side, you can glue two pieces with wrong sides together.  I used just regular office copy paper.


Choose your cover papers (I used 98lb. Mixed Media Paper) and cut to the size of your journal.  Also cut your printed papers but cut them slightly smaller than your journal cover.  Also choose a one sided gelatin print or patterned paper for the inside covers of your journal and cut the same size as the journal cover.


Decorate your outside covers.  I chose to use watercolors and stamps to decorate my covers.  I then embellished them further and added stitching with my sewing machine.


Next, I folded the covers, printed pages and inside covers in half and used a bone folder to crease them really well.  Then I laid the papers down in this order: Cover (face down), Inside cover paper (face up), then the printed pages one on top of the other.


Once I had them placed together so that that inside papers were not hanging over the edges of the cover and inside cover pages, I placed them on the sewing machine and stitched all of the papers together down the middle.  Glue down the inside cover papers to the inside of the covers and there you have it.  Easy gelli printed journals.


I hope you give this fun project a try.  Do you have any fun projects that you love to do with your gelatin prints?  I would love to hear about it!

Painted Zipper Pouch

I don’t know about you, but I am constantly looking for pouches and containers to store my art supplies in.  Especially when I am on the go.  I finally decided to make my own pouch.  What better way to get exactly the size that you want and the exact design that you want.  I began by deciding my size, which measures 15″x15″, when it is sewn together.  Then I cut two pieces of cotton canvas slightly larger than my desired size that I want after it is sewn together, which was approximately 1/4″ larger on all sides.  Once my two pieces were cut, I painted gesso on one side of each piece.


After the gesso dried, I sketched my design on one of the sides of canvas that had gesso on it with a Stabilo All pencil and began painting in my design with acrylic paint.


As you can see, I chose to paint what I usually love to draw and paint…a face 🙂  I then added my background behind my girlie.  I created the background with found objects and just dipped them in acrylic paint before stamping them on to my canvas panel.

teal-girl-zipper-pouch-3-lb teal-girl-zipper-pouch-2-lb

I think the first found object is a small clear lid from a container and the second is from a roll of tape.  It’s amazing how many found objects can become great tools to create texture in your artwork!


I then used the same background stamping technique on the other canvas panel, on the side that was painted with the gesso.  The only extra technique that I added on the back panel was adding white paint spatters.  I just added water to my paintbrush and dipped it in white acrylic paint before smacking the brush against my finger to make the paint splatter on to the canvas.


After both canvas panels were dry, I stitched them together, then added a liner and a zipper.  Here is the finished product.

teal-girl-zipper-pouch-11-l teal-girl-zipper-pouch-10-l teal-girl-zipper-pouch-9-lb teal-girl-zipper-pouch-8-lb teal-girl-zipper-pouch-7-lb