ID Badge Turned TN Pocket

I recently started journaling in a B6 size Travelers Notebook.  The inserts that I use in my B6 journal are 5″x7″.

My husband went to an event where he was given an extra large ID badge holder, similar to the one pictured below.  It measures approximately 7 7/8″x4 1/2″.  You can find them HERE.


Being the great husband that he is and knowing not to throw anything away before checking with me first, he asked if I could use it for anything.  My current B6 journal is a Sojourner Journal from Rowena.  It has an exterior pocket on the front but no interior pockets.


When my husband asked me about his ID badge holder, I thought, “Hey, I may be able to turn that into a dashboard/pocket for my journal.

First, I collaged both sides of a piece of thin cardboard.  The cardboard I used was the thin kind that you find on the front and/or back of your scrapbook paper pads.  You could even use a piece of card stock.  I simply glued bits of collage elements (papers, stickers, etc.) with a glue stick.  I also added some doodles with a black pen and a white gel pen.

Next, I used a corner rounder to round the edges of my collaged cardboard.

I took the cardboard and ran it through my laminating machine.  You could also just use packing tape to “laminate” your cardboard.  Once it is laminated or covered in tape, simply trim around the cardboard leaving some of the plastic/tape around the edge so that it doesn’t come apart.


Finally, I measured the distance between my first elastic and insert in my journal and the last elastic/insert in my journal.  That distance creates the spine of my pocket/dashboard.  I then took packing tape and taped together my collaged cardboard, turned dashboard, and my pocket.  I taped both sides, extending the tape approximately one inch on each side of the pocket and the dashboard.  I also cut almost a half circle in each end of the spine (packing tape) to allow it to sit comfortably under the elastics of my journal.ID-Badge-TN-Pocket-5_web

And here is my dashboard/pocket inside of my journal.


I hope you enjoy this tutorial and if you make your own dashboard/pocket for your journal, I would love to see it!

Vintage Book Journals

I recently created two journals out of vintage books.  One was bound with tea dyed copy paper and the other was bound with scrapbook paper.  I also created pockets in the one with the scrapbook paper but left it very basic without adding any other ephemera.


Vintage-Book-Journal--Young-Girls-Wooing-spine Vintage-Book-Journal--Young-Girls-Wooing Vintage-Book-Journal--Trouble-with-Jennys-Ear-spine Vintage-Book-Journal--Trouble-with-Jennys-Ear-inside-cover


I did a quick flip through video of the journals which you can find here:

Vintage Book Journal Flip Through

Hope you enjoy 🙂

Also, both of the journals that you see in the video are currently for sale.  If you are interested, just send me an email.  I have also listed them under my “For Sale” page.

Thanks for stopping by the blog and remember to keep art in your heart!

Recycled Art

My family and I celebrated Earth Day this past weekend by going to Lowe Volk Park in Crestline, Ohio.  They had crafts for kids, which included coloring caterpillars (egg cartons) and adding pompoms to them, as well as pictures to color.


There were reptile that you could observe.


And there was someone from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources there that explained to us the important roles that bugs and worms have on our environment.


We even took a hike through the woods where I stumbled upon this beautiful tree full of carvings from lovers past.


But I have to say that one thing that I enjoyed the most was seeing all of the recycled art made by:

ED--Miss-Smiths-class ED--Minions ED--Melted-Crayons ED--KCup-bouquet ED--Jean-Bags ED--Deep-Sea ED--Cupcake-Flowers ED--Can-Man ED--Can-Light ED--Birdhouse ED--Barn-FlagED--Rainbow-bottle-waterfal ED--Piggy-Bank

Such creativity with the use of recycled materials.  I was definitely impressed!

Have you made anything using recycled materials?  I would love to hear about it!

Thanks for stopping by 🙂