Mixed Media Play Date with Prompt Cards

Last weekend, my friend Tonya and I decided to get together for a little mixed media play date.  Of course we weren’t done creating until after 1:00 A.M., but that’s to be expected when we get together;-)

We started out with 8×10 canvases, one each, and a set of mixed media prompt cards, which I had created last year with my friend Heather.  The cards have different prompts for creating a mixed media canvas or journal page.  Some examples include, “Add a sticker,” “Write something with your non-dominant hand” and “Go Wild” by using any technique that you wish.  Tonya and I took turns drawing a card.



Then we both applied that prompt to our canvases.  Our first card was to add gesso in random spots.  We tinted our gesso with acrylic paint before we applied it to our canvases.


Then we went through approximately 20 cards before completing our canvases.  We added watercolor and stamped an image multiple times.


We added texture with fiber paste, doodled and used pastels on our canvases.


And we added several other techniques and elements before finishing up our pieces.

MM-Card-deck10_edited-1 MM-Card-deck8

I have to say that it was very interesting to see how each of the canvases turned out using the same prompts and I definitely want to try it again!  Have you ever tried using prompts when creating art?