Travelers Notebook Insert (Volume #1)

I finally finished my first Midori Travelers Notebook insert.  The paper in this insert is the Midori paper in 003.  It took watercolor and ink beautifully.  After I decorated the covers of the insert, I covered it in clear contact paper.  I thought that you may enjoy watching as i flip through my volume one insert, as I know one of my favorite videos to watch are ones where I get to see someone’s completed journals.  You can watch the video HERE and I hope you enjoy!

I recently taught a private class that I like to call “Pieces of Art.”  The class was held at my friend Heather’s beautiful home.  I am so grateful that she opened up her home to me and the other beautiful souls that created with us.  Everyone’s artwork looked amazing!

If you are interested in taking a class at my studio in Bucyrus, Ohio or would like me to bring the class to you and your friends in a private lesson, just email me.  It is always a good time 🙂

Thanks for stopping by and remember to always keep art in your heart.

Class at Destination Discount Books

I had the pleasure of teaching a Mixed Media Canvas Class at Destination Discount Books in Delaware, Ohio.  Take a look at the messy fun we had!

They even have wine at the book store and a few of the students enjoyed the wine.


I had a fun time and I think everyone else did too.  Everyone’s paintings looked beautiful!


Thanks again to all of the students who attended.  I hope to teach another class soon and I’m always trying to think of new ideas.  What would you be interested in learning in an upcoming class?  I’d love to know 🙂

New Mixed Media Canvas Class

I’m happy to announce that I have a new mixed media canvas class scheduled just in time for Valentine’s Day.  We will be creating the below painting on a 12×12 gesso board.

As you can see, you can add your own spin on it by choosing your own colors and butterfly wings.

The class will be held at Destination Discount Books, located at 1185 US Highway 23 North in Delaware, Ohio, on Friday, 2/12/16 at 5:30PM.  Class will be approximately 3 1/2 hours in length and you will go home with a beautiful painting that you created.  The cost of the class is $50 and all supplies will be provided; however, you may want to bring an apron or wear old clothes that you don’t mind getting painty 🙂

And just a side not for all of my wine drinkers out there, they do sell wine by the bottle or by the glass 🙂

To secure your spot, call Destination Discount Books at (740) 362-7711.

I hope to see you in class!

Mixed Media Canvas Home Party

Last weekend I had the pleasure of teaching a mixed media canvas class hosted by my aunt at her residence.  She had several of her friends attend.  They painted, laughed and appeared to really enjoy themselves as we created the canvases.  And I think they did a fantastic job!


If you are interested in hosting a private mixed media canvas party, you can contact me at

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and I’ll see you next week!

October Fun

I had the pleasure of teaching two different classes to two different groups of lovely ladies over the last two weeks at my studio.  In the first class, we made mixed media pumpkins in my October Mixed Media Class.

Mixed-Media-Pumpkin-Class-Oct-15 Mixed-Media-Pumpkin-Class7-Oct-15 Mixed-Media-Pumpkin-Class6-Oct-15 Mixed-Media-Pumpkin-Class5-Oct-15 Mixed-Media-Pumpkin-Class4-Oct-15 Mixed-Media-Pumpkin-Class3-Oct-15 Mixed-Media-Pumpkin-Class2-Oct-15

The ladies did a wonderful job and were a pleasure to have in class!

The class that I taught last weekend was my Altered Board Book Class.  We took children’s books and turned them into art journals, full of beautiful mixed media backgrounds.  Check out all of the fun that we had!

Altered-Board-Book20-Oct-15 Altered-Board-Book19-Oct-15 Altered-Board-Book18-Oct-15 Altered-Board-Book17-Oct-15 Altered-Board-Book16-Oct-15 Altered-Board-Book15-Oct-15 Altered-Board-Book14-Oct-15 Altered-Board-Book13-Oct-15 Altered-Board-Book12-Oct-15_edited-1 Altered-Board-Book11-Oct-15 Altered-Board-Book10-Oct-15 Altered-Board-Book9-Oct-15 Altered-Board-Book8-Oct-15 Altered-Board-Book6-Oct-15 Altered-Board-Book5-Oct-15 Altered-Board-Book4-Oct-15 Altered-Board-Book3-Oct-15 Altered-Board-Book2-Oct-15

 I had such a great time teaching both classes and hopefully I will see you sometime in class.  Remember to always keep art in your heart!

New Fall Canvas Class

As summer is winding down, my favorite season is right around the corner…fall.  I love everything about fall; the jeans and sweater temperatures, the beautiful colors of the changing leaves, comfort foods and pumpkins. From the Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks to your basic pumpkin pie.  Not to mention the fun in carving and painting pumpkins.  What can I say, I love pumpkins!  They are the perfect symbol for the season.  To celebrate the season, and pumpkins, I am having a mixed media canvas class at my studio in Bucyrus, Ohio on Saturday 10/17/15 1:00p.m.-5:00p.m.  We will be creating the below canvas (11″x14″), and of course you can use any color variations that you like.
No drawing or painting experience needed.  Promise 🙂  All supplies will be provided.  You will only need to bring an apron or wear clothes that you don’t mind getting messy.  The cost of the class is $45 and space is very limited so send me an email if you are interested.  I must have a minimum of 4 students to have class.  Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you in the studio 🙂

Mixed Media Canvas Class

I was finally able to have a class in my studio and I couldn’t think of a better group of ladies to share the experience with.  They painted their canvases like they had been doing it for years prior to our class.  Check out all of the fun that we had!

Aug-15-canvas-class7 Aug-15-canvas-class8 Aug-15-canvas-class6 Aug-15-canvas-class5 Aug-15-canvas-class10 Aug-15-canvas-class9 Aug-15-canvas-class12

Aug-15-canvas-class4 Aug-15-canvas-class3 Aug-15-canvas-class11 Aug-15-canvas-class

I’m such a bad teacher, I forgot to take a group photo of the students with their finished canvases.  But, I did add a little bonus lesson for everyone.


If you are interested in taking a class with me, simply check the “classes” page on my website for upcoming classes.  And I may have two classes in the works for next month…  I also do private groups or parties.  Just send me an email if you are interested.

Thanks for stopping by!