Travelers Notebook Insert (Volume #1)

I finally finished my first Midori Travelers Notebook insert.  The paper in this insert is the Midori paper in 003.  It took watercolor and ink beautifully.  After I decorated the covers of the insert, I covered it in clear contact paper.  I thought that you may enjoy watching as i flip through my volume one insert, as I know one of my favorite videos to watch are ones where I get to see someone’s completed journals.  You can watch the video HERE and I hope you enjoy!

I recently taught a private class that I like to call “Pieces of Art.”  The class was held at my friend Heather’s beautiful home.  I am so grateful that she opened up her home to me and the other beautiful souls that created with us.  Everyone’s artwork looked amazing!

If you are interested in taking a class at my studio in Bucyrus, Ohio or would like me to bring the class to you and your friends in a private lesson, just email me.  It is always a good time 🙂

Thanks for stopping by and remember to always keep art in your heart.

Class at Destination Discount Books

I had the pleasure of teaching a Mixed Media Canvas Class at Destination Discount Books in Delaware, Ohio.  Take a look at the messy fun we had!

They even have wine at the book store and a few of the students enjoyed the wine.


I had a fun time and I think everyone else did too.  Everyone’s paintings looked beautiful!


Thanks again to all of the students who attended.  I hope to teach another class soon and I’m always trying to think of new ideas.  What would you be interested in learning in an upcoming class?  I’d love to know 🙂

Favorite Online Classes

It is no secret to my friends that I am a sucker for online art classes and workshops.  I take as many as I can, as often as I can.  Some of them have not only an element to them, but also a self help or positive message along with them.  I mainly look for art that inspires me and if there are emotional and uplifting elements with it, I consider it a bonus.  So, I thought that I would share with you a few of my favorites.

First up, and in no particular order, is Inspiration Wednesdays by Donna Downey.  Donna has a year long workshop that she teaches online called Inspiration Wednesdays.  Every other Wednesday for the entire year, she sends you a lesson that you create in your Inspiration Journal, which you can purchase from her or purchase one of her online classes to learn how to make your own.  I get excited every week that I know it’s time for a new lesson!  She uses all sorts of different mediums to create gorgeous art journal pages.  The lessons are always different and inspirational. I absolutely love it!  And the best part is that it is only $35 for the entire year!  What an affordable price.  To find out more information about Donna and her workshops, visit her website:

Donna Downey

The next artist is known for her beautiful, whimsical and fierce females.  She also creates beautiful works of art in watercolor, as well as mixed media, and lives in Australia.  Have you guessed who it is yet?  It’s the lovely Jane Davenport.  Last year she had one of the best selling books, “Beautiful Faces,” which she created into an online workshop that you.  The book is used as a tool during the class as well as her videos from the workshop.  I took the class and purchases her book.  Definitely one of my favorite online workshops and one of my favorite books!  Jane also has many other workshops available.  You can find them on her website here:

Jane Davenport

Another favorite artist of mine is Christy Tomlinson.  Christy is know for her “She Art” and “She Matters” art retreats.  I’m sorry to say that I have yet to attend one of her “She Matters” retreats, but it is definitely on my bucket list.  Her “She Art” girls range from cute, faceless figures to women with gorgeous flower headdresses.  Christy also has a workshop on creating bracelets out of belts and is deep into the planning craze.  All of her workshops that I have taken were amazing and I highly recommend them.  You can find Christy’s website here:

Christy Tomlinson

I’ve had the pleasure of taking several in person classes with the next artist.  She resided in New York City for several years before returning to Boston last year.  To me, she is the Goddess of art journaling and such an enthusiastic teacher.  I present to you, Julie Fei-Fan Balzer.  Julie is an amazing stamp carver, stencil and stamp designer, teacher, art journaler…the list goes on and on.  She has an array of online classes from stamp carving to how to create a Junque Journal.  I have loved all of her classes, online and in person, that I have taken.  You can find them here:

Balzer Designs

And last but definitely not least is an artist that truly tries to help her students understand art and the beauty of life.  Kelly Rae Roberts focuses on creating art with a positive message.  Her new course “Spirit Wings,” is no exception.  The class started a few months ago but you can join in the fun at any time.  You can find the “Spirit Wings” class as well as several others here:

Kelly Rae Roberts

I hope you find a workshop that suits you.  Have you taken any classes from these artists?  I would love to hear which classes you took and what your experience was like.

Thanks for stopping by!

New Mixed Media Canvas Class

I’m happy to announce that I have a new mixed media canvas class scheduled just in time for Valentine’s Day.  We will be creating the below painting on a 12×12 gesso board.

As you can see, you can add your own spin on it by choosing your own colors and butterfly wings.

The class will be held at Destination Discount Books, located at 1185 US Highway 23 North in Delaware, Ohio, on Friday, 2/12/16 at 5:30PM.  Class will be approximately 3 1/2 hours in length and you will go home with a beautiful painting that you created.  The cost of the class is $50 and all supplies will be provided; however, you may want to bring an apron or wear old clothes that you don’t mind getting painty 🙂

And just a side not for all of my wine drinkers out there, they do sell wine by the bottle or by the glass 🙂

To secure your spot, call Destination Discount Books at (740) 362-7711.

I hope to see you in class!

October Fun

I had the pleasure of teaching two different classes to two different groups of lovely ladies over the last two weeks at my studio.  In the first class, we made mixed media pumpkins in my October Mixed Media Class.

Mixed-Media-Pumpkin-Class-Oct-15 Mixed-Media-Pumpkin-Class7-Oct-15 Mixed-Media-Pumpkin-Class6-Oct-15 Mixed-Media-Pumpkin-Class5-Oct-15 Mixed-Media-Pumpkin-Class4-Oct-15 Mixed-Media-Pumpkin-Class3-Oct-15 Mixed-Media-Pumpkin-Class2-Oct-15

The ladies did a wonderful job and were a pleasure to have in class!

The class that I taught last weekend was my Altered Board Book Class.  We took children’s books and turned them into art journals, full of beautiful mixed media backgrounds.  Check out all of the fun that we had!

Altered-Board-Book20-Oct-15 Altered-Board-Book19-Oct-15 Altered-Board-Book18-Oct-15 Altered-Board-Book17-Oct-15 Altered-Board-Book16-Oct-15 Altered-Board-Book15-Oct-15 Altered-Board-Book14-Oct-15 Altered-Board-Book13-Oct-15 Altered-Board-Book12-Oct-15_edited-1 Altered-Board-Book11-Oct-15 Altered-Board-Book10-Oct-15 Altered-Board-Book9-Oct-15 Altered-Board-Book8-Oct-15 Altered-Board-Book6-Oct-15 Altered-Board-Book5-Oct-15 Altered-Board-Book4-Oct-15 Altered-Board-Book3-Oct-15 Altered-Board-Book2-Oct-15

 I had such a great time teaching both classes and hopefully I will see you sometime in class.  Remember to always keep art in your heart!

Altered Board Book Class

I’m excited to tell you that I have finally scheduled a date for my altered board book class.  In this class, we will be taking children’s board books and turning them into art journals.  You will create backgrounds in your journal using several different techniques and if we have time, we will create a complete journal page spread.  Here is a link to a little video that I created to show you one of several techniques that we will be covering.
The class will be at my studio in Bucyrus on Saturday 10/24/15, 12PM-4PM.  The cost of the class is $40 and all materials will be provided unless you wish to supply your own board book.  You may also want to wear an apron or clothing that you don’t mind getting messy.  Space is very limited so if you are interested, just send me an email at  I will send an email with further details closer to the date of class.  Hope to hear from you 🙂
Keep art in your heart!

New Fall Canvas Class

As summer is winding down, my favorite season is right around the corner…fall.  I love everything about fall; the jeans and sweater temperatures, the beautiful colors of the changing leaves, comfort foods and pumpkins. From the Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks to your basic pumpkin pie.  Not to mention the fun in carving and painting pumpkins.  What can I say, I love pumpkins!  They are the perfect symbol for the season.  To celebrate the season, and pumpkins, I am having a mixed media canvas class at my studio in Bucyrus, Ohio on Saturday 10/17/15 1:00p.m.-5:00p.m.  We will be creating the below canvas (11″x14″), and of course you can use any color variations that you like.
No drawing or painting experience needed.  Promise 🙂  All supplies will be provided.  You will only need to bring an apron or wear clothes that you don’t mind getting messy.  The cost of the class is $45 and space is very limited so send me an email if you are interested.  I must have a minimum of 4 students to have class.  Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you in the studio 🙂

Stamp Carving with Julie Fei-Fan Balzer in NYC

Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of carving stamps for patterning with Julie Fei-Fan Balzer in her Manhattan home.  All I have to say is….”Wow!”  What a blast!  Of course I had to prepare for class by creating another shirt, and I wanted to make it even better than the one that I made for Create in New Jersey last year.


I used stencils to create the brick wall and the city scape.  I free-handed the lettering and it was all applied with Golden paint and the Golden fabric medium.

In class, I learned a lot about stamp carving and how to create stamps to make beautiful patterns when stamped together.

NYC-Julie-Class-Stamp NYC-Julie-Class-Demo NYC-Julie-Class

We had a wonderful group of ladies in my class.


And check out this wonderful view of New York City from Julie’s apartment terrace.


That evening, a few of us, including my brave husband, went to Don Antonio for dinner. We all had different variations of true Italian pizza and it was delicious.


I later used some of my stamped tags from class in my art journal, as well as the adorable name tag stickers that Julie made for each of us with her Brother Scan N Cut.


If you are interested in reading all about the class on Julie’s blog, you can check it out here:

Julie’s Blog Post at Balzer Designs

Have you ever tried to design and carve stamps for patterning?  I would love to hear about it 🙂

Thanks for visiting the blog!

New Mixed Media Canvas Class

I finally have a new mixed media canvas class scheduled for Saturday, July 25th, from 12pm-5pm, at my studio in Bucyrus, Ohio.  We will be creating this painting:


You can use any colors that you desire and trust me, no artistic talent or drawing is required.  We will create this painting using acrylic paint, inks, water soluble pencils, and other mediums.  You will not need to bring any supplies except for an apron or old clothes in case you get crazy, which will hopefully be the case 🙂  And you will have an 11×14 canvas painting that you created to take home class.  The cost of the class is $45.  Just send me an email if you are interested.  Space is limited so it is on a first come, first serve basis.  Hope to see you soon!

Gelli Plate Journal Workshop

I had such a great time co-facilitating the Gelli Plate Journal Workshop with Sandy Laipply.  The ladies in the workshop were amazing and created beautiful journals with their gelli plates.

    Gelli-Plate-Journal-17April Gelli-Plate-Journal-16April Gelli-Plate-Journal-15April Gelli-Plate-Journal-14April Gelli-Plate-Journal-13April Gelli-Plate-Journal-12April Gelli-Plate-Journal11-April Gelli-Plate-Journal10-April Gelli-Plate-Journal9-April1 Gelli-Plate-Journal8April15 Gelli-Plate-JournalApril15- Gelli-PlateJournal-April15- GelliPlate-Journal-April15- Gelli-Plate-Journal-Apri15- Gelli-Plate-Journal7-April1Gelli-Plate-Journal-April15Gelli-Plate-Journal-April-1

I can’t wait to teach another gelli plate workshop!  Have you ever used a gelli plate?  What are some of your favorite techniques to use on the gelli plate?