Journal With Me- Decorating My B6 Stalogy Notebook

I purchased a Stalogy notebook a few months ago to fit my B6 Travelers Notebook.  The covers of the notebook are nice but they are just plain black and I needed to pretty them up a bit 🙂  I used collage bits from magazines, old sheet music, a used stamp and scrapbook papers.


You can watch the process HERE.

I hope you enjoy the video.  If you keep a journal and you decorate your journal covers, I’d love to hear how you like to cover them in the comments.  Thanks for stopping by!


Choose Your Own Adventure Challenge- August 2017

I am a patron of Courtney Diaz, AKA Little Raven Ink, on Patreon.  Courtney gives us a journaling challenge each month that she calls, “Choose Your Own Adventure.”  For the month of August, 2017, we had the following prompts:
Medium- WatercolorsColors: Spring Green, Turquoise Blue (Cyan), Golden Yellow

Element- Tree

Word- Serene

I decided to sit on my back patio and paint the woods in our backyard.  The word for the challenge “Serene” prompted me to go to the woods since that is one of the places where I find serenity.  And obviously the element of the challenge was tree, so that made the decision even easier.  You can watch my video HERE.

 I hope you enjoy my take on the Choose Your Own Adventure prompt and if you are not a patron of Courtney’s on Patreon, you have got to check her out!  It is SO worth the money and she is a beautiful soul.  As always, thanks for visiting my blog and remember to keep art in your heart.

The products I used in the video are as follows:
– Daniel Smith Watercolors in Diopside Genuine, Phthalo Turquoise and Quinacridone Gold.
– Stalogy Journal in the B6 size
– Princeton and Dina Wakley paint brushes
– Pentel Arts Hybrid Technica 0.3mm black pen
– Old Typewriter
– White Tissue Paper
– Liquitex Matte Medium
– Alvin Draft/Matic Mechanical Pencil
– Paper Mate Tuff Stuff Eraser Stick

Latest Art Journal (Junk Journal) Pages

Hello my artsy friends.  I hope you are enjoying fall.  I just love everything about the season.  The cooler temperatures, the colorful leaves, eating everything with pumpkin in it…I could go on and on.

I thought that I would share some of my latest art journal pages with you this week.  These pages were completed in my junk journal.  I only have a few pages left in this journal and then I will fill a complete flip through of the entire journal.


The above journal spread is the one that is after the flowering faces spread, which you can see peaking from behind the netted circles on the left.  The sticker on the top of the left page is one that my daughter gave me and I just stuck it in my journal.  You will notice that this happens quite frequently, including in the next journal spread below.  See the little birdie on top of the girls head?  That is another sticker that my daughter had me put in my journal.


I found this photo in a magazine and just glued it down with matte medium in to my journal.  I then added some lettering to express how I was feeling that day.


In the above journal spread, I again added an image from a magazine with matte medium and then outlined her in black marker.  This spread was created based on prompts from Mission Inspiration.  It is a great Facebook group that has monthly art journaling prompts.

This next journal spread is a mandala that I haven’t finished but keep coming back to from time to time, as well as my packing list for my trip to Florida.



I created the girl above when I was experimenting with Derwent Graphitint pencils.  I was really happy with the results.  You can also see that the left page was cut in a wavy pattern.  Sometimes I like to cut the edges of a journal page to add a little interest.  I like how the pink from the previous page pops out of the side on this journal spread.

In the following journal spread, I used a drawing that my daughter created and pasted it right into my journal with matte medium.  Then I painted around it to make it look like part of the page.  On the right page, I created a window pocket where I placed my oversized tag.  Does the pocket look familiar?


This window pocket was created from the lid of my salad to-go box from Panera Bread.  I just painted it, added a little washi tape to the top edge and then adhered the bottom and side flaps of the lid to my page with double-sided tape.  Now my giant tag has a home and the journaling on the other side is hidden.


The above journal pages may look familiar.  I created them during my October 2016 Artsnacks video.  Again, see the stickers on the bottom of the right page?  Courtesy of my daughter, of course 🙂

In the next journal spread, I did a little lettering, some journaling, glued in a quote out of a magazine, then drew in some poppies with pens and markers.



The above pages are pretty simple.  Just some lettering, doodling, journaling, and glued in a stamped image that I liked.


On the other side of that journal page was an insert that I had sewn in the journal from Flow Magazine.

One of my latest and currently one of my favorite journal pages is this little Native American girlie.  Her clothing is actually the background of an old calendar that I had sew in to the junk journal and I used black gesso to block out the rest of the page.


And that I currently where I have left off in my junk journal.  I hope this has given you a few ideas and a bit of inspiration to help you along your art journal journey.

Thanks for stopping by and always remember to keep art in your heart 🙂

Mother and Daughter Art Journal Page

I created an art journal page of a mother and daughter while playing around in my art journal.  I sped up the video so that you could get a quick look at my process.  I hope you enjoy!

You can watch it on YouTube HERE.


This is also my last blog post until my show coming up on 10/1/16 at the Colonel Crawford Fall Festival.  You can visit me as well as many other makers, enjoy homemade cornbread and bean soup, and shop for a pumpkin while you are there.  It is a good time.  You can find out more about the event HERE.

Hope to see you there 🙂

Revving Your Creative Engine

Sometimes I really want to create but I just can’t get into the groove.  I have a few things that I like to do to try and rev my creative engine, so to speak, and thought that I’d share them with you.

Create a Ritual

You can create your own ritual before creating art in your designated creative space.  This can include lighting a candle or incense, turning on music, having an alter, meditating, etc.  There are so many possibilities.  I like to burn incense when I’m creating in my studio and listen to music.  The music varies with my mood.


Search Social Media for Inspiration

I have several Pinterest Boards dedicated to art and inspiration for my art, such as interesting portraits and photographs, art journaling pages and art techniques.



I also love watching art videos on YouTube for inspiration.  You can always watch some of my videos on YouTube and hopefully they will be inspirational 😉



Clean Creative Space

One warm up that I use the most is cleaning up or organizing my art studio.  I will put things away that I had used previously, put away paint brushes or palettes that I left out to dry, etc.  I may do this for about 10 minutes and then I’m ready to create.

 Prep Backgrounds

Sometimes after I pickup around my studio, I like to work on backgrounds in my art journal or canvases.  Since I know that it is only the bottom layer, I feel less pressure to make something that I love.  This can be anything from adding gesso to pages in my art journal to creating a collage background on one of my canvases.

I hope that these ideas will help inspire you to create.  If you have any techniques or rituals that help get your creative juices flowing, I would love to hear about them!

Thanks for stopping by!

More Daily Art Journal Pages

I have a few art journal pages from my daily art journal (junk journal) to show you.  And just to clarify, I do not always journal in this journal on a daily basis.  It is just where I usually do my journaling about my day, like a diary if you will.  My other journals are more about expression and technique.  I will be sharing those journals in a future blog post.

In the below pictured journal page, I had glued painted deli paper on to the page.  I then turned my journal to a portrait orientation and drew the whimsical plants.  I painted around the plants with acrylic paint.  I also highlighted the plants with a white paint marker.  The months and numbers are hand carved stamps that I made.


In this next journal page I adhered more painted papers to the pages and then adhered scrap paper that had circles cut out of it on top of the painted papers.  I painted it with black paint, leaving the inside of the circles the color of the painted papers underneath.  I adhered a Diet Coke label from a Diet Coke that my friend purchased for me because he thought that I would like how artsy it looked.  I bet he never thought that I would put it in my journal 🙂  I embellished the pages with gel pens, white paint marker and a tag.


This next journal spread may look familiar.  I created most of it in a video I shared that you can find here.  I added the poppies with a black Stabilo Marks All and activated the pencil with water.  I added my journaling and stamped the date.

 Art Journal-Stabilo-Poppies

For this journal page, I had smooshed left over paint, stamped foam stamps on the background, glued in a photo from a magazine, stapled a few torn tags with the journaling dates and added large words with my Permapaque markers.  The quote is from my Yoga teacher, you would have to be there to understand 😉  I also added a little piece of decorative tape as a tab on the right page and stapled it to the page.


A vellum page with a quote was used to create the page in my junk journal and I just added paint to the background around it.  I also outlined the umbrellas on the pattered paper above the quote, which matched the theme of the quote perfectly.  Totally unplanned.  I then wrote my journaling with my white paint marker.


You can see the opposite side of the quote image from the previous journal spread on the left journal page in this spread.  I had stenciled a design on the right side of the journal spread and used a paint brush to write the quote.  I doodled along the top of the spread with various pens and markers.


The following spread has images that I made with my Gelli Plate.  I added a little bit of paint around them then adhered the flap of an envelope from a card that my husband gave me for our anniversary.  I added a journaling card to the front of the envelope to add my journaling and when you flip the card up, you can pull out the card from the envelope.

I like using images from other artwork that I have created in my journals.  This journal spread is no exception.  I used the image of my original painting titled “Seeker” in this spread, as well as masks with ink on them and foam stamps.  I again used my hand carved stamps for the date and used a gel pen for journaling.  The small insert at the bottom was a piece of mail that I inserted with washi tape.  I punched out butterflies from the small insert and adhered napkins over it.  It gives it an almost stained glass appearance.

Does this next journal spread look familiar?  I made it in my Flowering Faces video that you can find here.


I hoped you enjoyed looking at a few of my art journal pages in my daily journal and may have found a bit of inspiration.

Do you keep a daily journal, a junk journal or other art journal?  I would love to hear about it or see!

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

Papier-mache Project

I was shopping at Hobby Lobby when I spotted a papier-mache deer head that I just knew that I had to have.  Anyone who knows me knows how much I love the whole deer and antlers motif.  Of course I could never hunt or kill a deer, or any animal for that matter, so I thought it was quite fitting for me to buy a premade one to decorate in my own style.  I purchased the deer head for $24.99 I believe but of course I have a Hobby Lobby app on my phone and used a 40% off coupon 🙂

I started the deer by painting the entire thing with gesso.


Next I glued napkins on to the head (not the antlers) with Matte Medium and painted the antlers with acrylic craft paint.  Be sure that you peel off only one layer (the printed layer) of napkin to use for this method.  Use the printed layer to glue on the deer head.  After the matte medium and paint dried, I distressed the deer a bit with Walnut Stain Distress Ink.


I then painted a wooden base, found in the wooden objects section of Hobby Lobby, white before I used E6000 glue to adhere the deer to the wooden base.


After looking at it for a few days, I decided that the base needed a little something extra, so I used Liquitex heavy body gold paint to add gold around the outer edge of the wooden base.

Deer-Head-Project-liquitex-paint Deer-Head-Project-painted-base Deer-Head-Project-painted-base2

I scrounged up all of my paper flowers that I have accumulated over the years and glued them randomly on to the antlers with E6000 glue.

Deer-Head-Project-flowers2 Deer-Head-Project-flowers Deer-Head-Project-flowers3

And there you have it!  A deer friendly mounted deer head with flowers 🙂

Deer-Head-Project-finished2 Deer-Head-Project-finished

I hope you enjoyed this project and if you give it a try, I would love to see what you create!  Thanks for stopping by 🙂

Product Play with DecoArt Media Sprays

I recently purchased a few DecoArt Media Sprays from my local craft store and thought I would record my play and experimentation with them to share with you.  What really attracted me to the spray was that they are permanent.  I love the idea that I can add other wet media on top of them without having them bleed all over.

Check out the video here.

I hope you enjoy the video and if you have played with the DecoArt Media Sprays, I’d love to hear what you thought about them!

Watercolor Resist ATC

Happy New Year!  I hope you enjoyed bringing in the New Year and you are looking forward to 2016.  I know I am.  Lots of exciting things planned for the new year.

To kick off 2016, I filmed a quick video to show a fun and easy watercolor resist technique.  I created an Artist Trading Card (ATC) in the video; however, you could use this technique in your art journal, on a canvas, the sky is the limit.  This would also be a great warmup exercise to get those creative juices flowing.

A few tips that I forgot to mention in the video, make sure that your watercolor surrounds your letters so they are legible, and sometimes it’s easier if you use analogous colors.  Analogous colors are three colors that are next to each other on the color wheel, such as red, red-violet and violet.  Using analogous colors helps prevent making mud, or colors that aren’t as interesting.  But have fun experimenting and seeing what colors you like to use together.

Simply click on the link below to watch the video:


 Watercolor Resist ATC

I hope you enjoy the video and I would love to hear about your experience if you give it a try!  Thanks for stopping by the blog and be sure to visit next week when I tell you all about my Product Pick for January 2016.