Creative Business- Under the Willow

I had the pleasure of interviewing two of the most beautiful people that I know who own a creative business called Under the Willow.  This husband and wife duo make the most beautiful handcrafted signs that have fun and inspirational quotes.

 Check out what Jon and Heather Hill had to say about their creative business.

Q:  What made you begin creating signs?

A:  I actually started over twelve years ago and sold them in a little shop… I think because I saw some and thought “hey I could do that” I only made them for a couple years and then recently before the birth of my second child I saw one I loved on Fixer Upper. I wanted it for his nursery but could not afford it, so I made one. So then it began! Again! –Heather-

I started making signs after Heather asked me to help her make a couple signs for our little guy’s nursery about two years ago. It has evolved into a small business. -Jon-


Q:  Where did the name “Under the Willow” come from?

A:  Jon and I were actually married Under a Willow Tree at Edgewater Park in Cleveland Ohio… That is where our adventure began –Heather-


Q:  What is your favorite part about your creative business?

A:  Working with Heather to create unique signs and the smiles on our customers faces when they see the final product. -Jon-


Q:  Do you enjoy working with your spouse?

A: Yes. Although fulfilling orders can be stressful and demanding in our schedule, it amazes me what we can do as a team. I am blessed. -Jon-


Q:  Do the two of you have assigned tasks that you do to complete a sign?

A:  Yes, Jon constructs everything. He is amazing and detailed. Always has all of the measurements and knows exactly what sign is what & who it belongs to.  I usually design them and paint.  Jon also does all of the base color on the signs and stains the frames.  If it wasn’t for him I would be supplying customers with a puddle of paint. -Heather-

I handle the woodworking portion of the sign, which includes roughing in the base and finishing with the trim. Heather is the artistic genius in our business. She has vision and turns a pile of wood into a work of art. -Jon-


Q:  How do you promote your creative business?

A:  At first it was word of mouth only and that kept us pretty busy. People kept asking about a website so we decided to start a facebook and instagram page. We have some homemade business cards and tags. -Heather-



Q:  How long have you been creating signs and when did you decide to make it a business?

A: About two years and my wife asked me to help her with a project for our baby’s nursery. -Jon-


Q:  What is the most rewarding part of your creative business?

A:  Working with Heather to create some cool stuff and seeing the joy our signs bring to our customers. -Jon-

Definitely seeing customers smile. -Heather-


Q:  Where can people purchase your pieces?

A: Right now the only shop that has them in stock is The Urban Nest in Beaufort, South Carolina, but we sell them on our facebook page. – Heather-


Q:  Where can people follow you on social media and get in contact with you?

A: Instagram:  @under.the.willow_

Facebook:   Under The Willow

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