Junk Journal Flip Through

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!  Hope you are enjoying plenty of food and family 🙂

After over a year, I finally filled up all of the pages in my junk journal.  I used my junk journal to practice techniques, play with art supplies, and wipe away unused paint or ink.  I also used it as a “daily” journal.  I use the word “daily” very loosely as there would be days, weeks, yes, even months, that I would not write in my junk journal.  But I told myself long ago that it was okay if I didn’t write or play in it everyday.  And just because I didn’t get into my junk journal, that didn’t mean that I was playing in one of my other art journals.


I recorded a flip through of my junk journal after it was completed.  You can find it HERE on YouTube.  I hope you enjoy the video and find inspiration.  Thanks for stopping by and remember to keep art in your heart!

November 2016 Artsnacks Unboxing

It’s already November and I filmed a new Artsnacks Unboxing video for November Artsnacks.  You can find it HERE.

In this video I will unbox the November 2016 Artsnacks box and test out the supplies from the box. Artsnacks is a monthly subscription of art supplies mailed to your door every month. For more info, you can check them out at http://www.artsnacks.co
You can check out previous Artsnacks unboxing videos on my YouTube Channel.
Thanks for watching!