Creative Business: be still CREATIVE

I had the pleasure of interviewing one of the most creative photographers that I have ever met.  She took a big leap and quit her day job to follow her dream to have her own photography business called


Check out the interview below to find out what inspired her to start her creative business, advise to others who wish to start a creative business and other interesting tidbits.

LBS: How did you get into photography?

BSC: I have always liked taking pictures. I bought my first dslr camera about 5 years ago. The rest is history!

LBS: What is your favorite part about your job?

BSC: Capturing memories that will last lifetimes is a truly amazing feeling! I love that part!

LBS: Do you prefer certain photo sessions over others such as wedding, senior pictures, boudoir, etc?

BSC: Boudoir sessions are my favorite with couples / wedding in close second. Photographing people in love and empowering women to feel sexy and love themselves are my passions!

LBS: If you could give any advice to someone wanting to start a creative business, what would it be?

BSC: Creative businesses have to come from the soul.. The day I realized this I jumped in full force. You get out what you put in!

LBS: What inspired you to start your own creative business?

BSC: Freedom.. I had so much creativity and drive bottled up. I was miserable working at the bank.

LBS: Did you find any surprises in transitioning from working for someone else to having your own business?

BSC: Yes.. It was hard! Time management and getting used to scattered pay checks was really tough at first.

LBS: Now looking back on it, is there anything that you would do differently when creating your business?

BSC: The only thing I think I would change is doing it sooner! I was so scared so I didnt take the jump until I was unbearably miserable! That was not cool lol

LBS: How did you transition from working a normal 9-to-5 with someone else to having your own business and working for yourself full-time?

BSC: SLOW! It took me over 3 years to make the jump.. I went from full time to part time to finally quitting the bank!

LBS: What has surprised you about running your own business?

BSC: The fact that taking pictures is only about 25% of my job! 75% of running a business is back end work like editing, marketing, advertising, accounting, etc… BORING STUFF!!!!

LBS: Now that you do photography as your business, do you still enjoy it as much as when it was your hobby?

BSC: Yes.. because like I said in the last question its really only a small part of my business… When I am behind my lens that is my time! That is my zone!

LBS: How do you stay inspired?

BSC: I try to set up sessions for myself! If I am feeling blahhh about my work I will create a vision and find models and shoot it. I call them passion projects! I also will get lost in social media and the internet for inspiration. I follow a few photographers that I admire and go to for inspiration when needed!

LBS: What are some of the negatives to having your own business?

BSC: Its doesnt shut down. a 9-5 job ends at 5. My cell phone is with me 100% and I get emails and messages at all different times and days. I am my business so it is always there with me . Which is sometimes a curse!

I hope you enjoyed the interview with Jessica Clutter of be still CREATIVE.  If you wish to get in contact with Jessica, you can find her at


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August 2016 Art Snacks Unboxing

I could not believe that I received my August Art Snacks on 8/1/16.  They didn’t waste any time getting my art goodies to me this month!

In this months Art Snacks unboxing video, I have an assistant to help me out with the unboxing.  Then I compare a few of the products that I received this month with other art supplies that I have.  I hope you enjoy.

Check out the August 2016 Art Snacks unboxing video HERE.

If you missed my Art Snacks unboxing video for last month, you can find it  HERE.

If you would like to subscribe to Art Snacks or learn more about this awesome art supply subscription, check out their WEBSITE.

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