October Fun

I had the pleasure of teaching two different classes to two different groups of lovely ladies over the last two weeks at my studio.  In the first class, we made mixed media pumpkins in my October Mixed Media Class.

Mixed-Media-Pumpkin-Class-Oct-15 Mixed-Media-Pumpkin-Class7-Oct-15 Mixed-Media-Pumpkin-Class6-Oct-15 Mixed-Media-Pumpkin-Class5-Oct-15 Mixed-Media-Pumpkin-Class4-Oct-15 Mixed-Media-Pumpkin-Class3-Oct-15 Mixed-Media-Pumpkin-Class2-Oct-15

The ladies did a wonderful job and were a pleasure to have in class!

The class that I taught last weekend was my Altered Board Book Class.  We took children’s books and turned them into art journals, full of beautiful mixed media backgrounds.  Check out all of the fun that we had!

Altered-Board-Book20-Oct-15 Altered-Board-Book19-Oct-15 Altered-Board-Book18-Oct-15 Altered-Board-Book17-Oct-15 Altered-Board-Book16-Oct-15 Altered-Board-Book15-Oct-15 Altered-Board-Book14-Oct-15 Altered-Board-Book13-Oct-15 Altered-Board-Book12-Oct-15_edited-1 Altered-Board-Book11-Oct-15 Altered-Board-Book10-Oct-15 Altered-Board-Book9-Oct-15 Altered-Board-Book8-Oct-15 Altered-Board-Book6-Oct-15 Altered-Board-Book5-Oct-15 Altered-Board-Book4-Oct-15 Altered-Board-Book3-Oct-15 Altered-Board-Book2-Oct-15

 I had such a great time teaching both classes and hopefully I will see you sometime in class.  Remember to always keep art in your heart!


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