October Fun

I had the pleasure of teaching two different classes to two different groups of lovely ladies over the last two weeks at my studio.  In the first class, we made mixed media pumpkins in my October Mixed Media Class.

Mixed-Media-Pumpkin-Class-Oct-15 Mixed-Media-Pumpkin-Class7-Oct-15 Mixed-Media-Pumpkin-Class6-Oct-15 Mixed-Media-Pumpkin-Class5-Oct-15 Mixed-Media-Pumpkin-Class4-Oct-15 Mixed-Media-Pumpkin-Class3-Oct-15 Mixed-Media-Pumpkin-Class2-Oct-15

The ladies did a wonderful job and were a pleasure to have in class!

The class that I taught last weekend was my Altered Board Book Class.  We took children’s books and turned them into art journals, full of beautiful mixed media backgrounds.  Check out all of the fun that we had!

Altered-Board-Book20-Oct-15 Altered-Board-Book19-Oct-15 Altered-Board-Book18-Oct-15 Altered-Board-Book17-Oct-15 Altered-Board-Book16-Oct-15 Altered-Board-Book15-Oct-15 Altered-Board-Book14-Oct-15 Altered-Board-Book13-Oct-15 Altered-Board-Book12-Oct-15_edited-1 Altered-Board-Book11-Oct-15 Altered-Board-Book10-Oct-15 Altered-Board-Book9-Oct-15 Altered-Board-Book8-Oct-15 Altered-Board-Book6-Oct-15 Altered-Board-Book5-Oct-15 Altered-Board-Book4-Oct-15 Altered-Board-Book3-Oct-15 Altered-Board-Book2-Oct-15

 I had such a great time teaching both classes and hopefully I will see you sometime in class.  Remember to always keep art in your heart!

October Product Pick

This months product pick is one of my favorite art supplies…Acrylic Ink.


The two that I use are Liquitex and Daler-Rowney.  You can purchase 1oz. bottles for approximately $5.00 and both come with droppers.


You can use the droppers to apply ink directly to your artwork as I have done in these pieces.

October-MPP-Acrylic-ink-altered-book October-2015-MPP-Acrylic-ink-owl-canvas October-2015-MPP-Acrylic-ink-owl October-2015-MPP-Acrylic-ink-flower-canvas October-15-MPP-Acrylic-ink-canvas

I also love to use my acrylic inks to make my own sprays.


I simply fill a Ranger Mini Mister approximately 3/4 full of ink with the dropper provided with the ink and that’s it.  If the ink is one of the Pearlescent colors, I fill up the mister approximately 1/2 full with ink and 1/4 with water.  The shimmery colors tend to clog the mister if you don’t add water.  Once this is done, you can spray away!  I used a mask and my acrylic sprays to create this banner.


You can also use the ink to write or draw with as I did to write this message to myself in my art journal.


The acrylic inks are water-resistant, quick drying and permanent, which is why I love to use them.  Since the are not reactive to wet media, you can add other media on top or with them without making a muddy mess.

I hope you enjoyed this months product pick and you give acrylic inks a try.  Thanks for stopping by and feel free to share any of your favorite acrylic ink techniques.

Phobia ATC Video

I meet once a month to swap Artist Trading Cards (ATC) with a great group of gals and this month’s theme is “Phobias.”  recorded my process for creating my trading card.  Check it out to see what my phobia is.  Just click on the link below:

Phobia ATC Video

Hope you enjoyed the video and thanks for stopping by!

Fall Fest 2015 Recap

I survived the 2015 Colonel Crawford Fall Festival last weekend.  I was able to set up the night before, which is so nice to be able to do.  One of the joys of renting a space indoors.  If you rent an outdoor space at the event, you are not able to set up until 5:30a.m. the morning of the festival, which begins at 8:00a.m.  Thanks to the hubs and his amazing ideas and muscle, we got her done.

CC-Fall-Festival-setup CC-Fall-Festival-setup2

CC-Fall-Festival-setup8 CC-Fall-Festival-setup7 CC-Fall-Festival-setup4 CC-Fall-Festival-setup3

I also had an assistant with me this year, the hubs.  Thanks again Ken 🙂


The wind and rain did not keep patrons away from the festival.  It was packed and many of my wonderful friends and family members stopped by.  I was so happy to have their support.  Here’s to another year in the books at the Colonel Crawford Fall Festival.


I will have some of my artwork and jewelry for sale at workshop and showroom of Buckeyes and Bluegrass, located at 5964 Swabb Road in New Washington, Ohio.  They will be open October 9, 10, & 11, 10AM-6PM.  You can find out more about Buckeyes and Bluegrass at http://buckeyesandbluegrass.com

Thanks for stopping by!

Colonel Crawford Fall Festival 2015

So I have been working like a crazy person, trying to get everything ready for the Colonel Crawford Fall Festival.  This is only my second year as a vendor at the festival but it is one of the biggest shows that I participate in.  Which means that I have a lot of prep work.  This year I decided to make my own table cover and I found this great pin on Pinterest from zaaberry.blogspot.com where she used two flat twin sheets to make a table cover.


The cover that I made is for a 4 foot table.  First, I laid one of the sheets on the table, wrong side up, then pinned the sides where I wanted the corners of the table to be fitted with the cover.


I cut the excess fabric off of the corners and sewed up the corner.  I did this for the other corner on the same side as the first.


You can leave the back open for easy access underneath the table where you may store merchandise, or if the back of the table will be visible, you can stitch the other sheet to the back.  Stitch both corners as you did with the opposite two corners and voila!


I decided that I would also drape some fabric that I had on top of the table for extra design and color.


In preparation for the show this weekend, I edited, had printed and matted a bunch of art prints.  I also created a message to go inside of each print.


I dressed up my mannequin with some of my Redbubble merchandise.


And did a quick inventory and pricing of my artwork.


This year I tried something different and made a few ornaments.


I’m looking forward to the show and if you are looking for something to do Saturday, come see me at the Colonel Crawford High School in North Robinson, Ohio on October 2rd between 8:00a.m. and 4:00p.m.  Thanks for visiting the blog 🙂