August Product Pick

I’m back this week with another product pick of the month and the product that I chose is the Stabilo All pencil.


The Stabilo website describes the All pencil as:

  • The pencil for professional users with special requirements – e.g. in the industrial sector.
  • Colored and graphite pencil for almost all surfaces.
  • Writes brilliantly on glass, plastic, metal.
  • Available in 8 aquarellable colors.
  • Leads made from the highest-quality pigments and finest graphite.
These pencils are water soluble which is the main reason why I think that they are so fantastic.  I use them for all kinds of techniques on all sorts of different materials.  I like to use them in my art journal like I did here in this page.  The dark scallop is where I used the pencil and I activated the pencil with acrylic paint.
I did the same technique on this journal page.  The pencil was used to draw the hearts.
On this wood panel, I used the Stabilo All to add depth and shading to the circles around the border.
These are just a few reasons why I love the Stabilo All pencil.  Have you ever used the Stabilo All pencil and if so, what do you like to do with them?  Thanks for stopping by!

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