July Product Pick

My product pick for this month isn’t really sold as an art supply…but it should be.  It’s very inexpensive, it is normally used for food and comes in different sizes.  Any idea what it is?


If you guessed deli paper, you are right!  You can get it in all sorts of sizes at wholesale food stores like GFS and Sam’s Club.  You can also find it on Amazon (of course).  I use two different sizes.  The 8×10 3/4 works great with my 8×10 Gelli Plate and I think this box of 500 that I bought probably a year ago cost approximately $10.


This box of 15×10 3/4 is great for placing under my journal pages that I’m working on so I don’t get paint and other wet media on to the pages beneath them.  I think this box of 500 cost approximately $15.


Then I can add to my scraps to later place in my journal.


I love using the deli paper on the Gelli Plate!  I used strips of Gelli printed deli paper to create this art journal cover.


And these are Gelli printed eggs.


I also like to stamp and stencil words and images on to the deli paper so I can re-do it if I goof.  Then I glue it to my journal page or canvas with matte medium when I am happy with it.

MPP-deli-paper-stenciled-jp MPP-deli-paper-stenciled-jo MPP-deli-paper-journal-Frid MPP-deli-paper-journal-Fri2 MPP-deli-paper-words-on-can

I’m sure that there are a million other ways to use deli paper.  If you know of any, I would love to hear about them!  Thanks for stopping by!


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