The theme for my July ATC (Artist Trading Card) swap was Animals.  All of the cards were wonderful!

July-2015-ATC-Tonya July-2015-ATC-Marsha July-2015-ATC-Kathleen July-2015-ATC4-edited_edite

I created several different ATC’s with the same technique that I had found by Tracy Verdugo in the May/June 2015 issue of Cloth Paper Scissors magazine.


If you would like to see the process for making one of these quirky little owls, you can check it out here:

Owl ATC Process Video

 If you have any questions or comments about the video, please drop me a line in the comments section.  I would love to hear from you!

If you are interested in taking an in person mixed media class, check out my classes page on the blog.  I have a mixed media canvas class scheduled for August 29, 2015.  For more details, check out my classes here:

Upcoming Classes

And as always, thanks for stopping by 🙂

July Product Pick

My product pick for this month isn’t really sold as an art supply…but it should be.  It’s very inexpensive, it is normally used for food and comes in different sizes.  Any idea what it is?


If you guessed deli paper, you are right!  You can get it in all sorts of sizes at wholesale food stores like GFS and Sam’s Club.  You can also find it on Amazon (of course).  I use two different sizes.  The 8×10 3/4 works great with my 8×10 Gelli Plate and I think this box of 500 that I bought probably a year ago cost approximately $10.


This box of 15×10 3/4 is great for placing under my journal pages that I’m working on so I don’t get paint and other wet media on to the pages beneath them.  I think this box of 500 cost approximately $15.


Then I can add to my scraps to later place in my journal.


I love using the deli paper on the Gelli Plate!  I used strips of Gelli printed deli paper to create this art journal cover.


And these are Gelli printed eggs.


I also like to stamp and stencil words and images on to the deli paper so I can re-do it if I goof.  Then I glue it to my journal page or canvas with matte medium when I am happy with it.

MPP-deli-paper-stenciled-jp MPP-deli-paper-stenciled-jo MPP-deli-paper-journal-Frid MPP-deli-paper-journal-Fri2 MPP-deli-paper-words-on-can

I’m sure that there are a million other ways to use deli paper.  If you know of any, I would love to hear about them!  Thanks for stopping by!

CCAC Events

As one of the board members for the Crawford County Arts Council, I volunteer to help with different events in our community.  Last week, I participated in two events and had a blast.

The first event was Red, White and Blues that was held at Aumiller Park in Bucyrus, Ohio.  The event was organized by the Positive Seekers and they asked that the Arts Council participate.  Beverly, Rose and I did face painting.



We also helped the kids make pirate hats out of newspaper, then decorated them with all sorts of things like stickers, ribbons and markers.


It was a great time with live music and beautiful weather!

The other event that I helped out with was the Bucyrus Farmers Market.  Of course when I found out that I had to be there at 7:30a.m. on a Saturday morning, I wasn’t exactly thrilled.  But after I got there and saw all of the vendors that were set up, it was such an awesome and inspiring environment.  Their were yummy baked goods,


these adorable little jars of preserves,


fresh produce,

BucyrusFarmers-Market2015-3   BucyrusFarmers-Market2015-6

and handmade goods such as quilts, jewelry and other items.

BucyrusFarmers-Market2015-9 BucyrusFarmers-Market2015-8 BucyrusFarmers-Market2015-7

I just could not resist this adorable bag made by my friend Anita.  My sketch books and art supplies will fit in it perfectly for when I am on the go.


I shared the Arts Council booth with Bob and Sandy Laipply.  She had some of her beautifully painted wine bottles and glasses for sale, as well as samples of artwork for her upcoming classes.  I had some of my paintings, hand carved stamps, hand made journals and jewelry for sale as well.



We also passed out literature for the Arts Council and had a little make and take for the kiddos where they made artwork out of their fingerprints.


Again, I was lucky enough to have perfect weather, and I definitely did not regret getting up early on a Saturday morning 😉

Are you involved in any local activities in your community?  I would love to hear about them!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Mixed Media Play Date with Prompt Cards

Last weekend, my friend Tonya and I decided to get together for a little mixed media play date.  Of course we weren’t done creating until after 1:00 A.M., but that’s to be expected when we get together;-)

We started out with 8×10 canvases, one each, and a set of mixed media prompt cards, which I had created last year with my friend Heather.  The cards have different prompts for creating a mixed media canvas or journal page.  Some examples include, “Add a sticker,” “Write something with your non-dominant hand” and “Go Wild” by using any technique that you wish.  Tonya and I took turns drawing a card.



Then we both applied that prompt to our canvases.  Our first card was to add gesso in random spots.  We tinted our gesso with acrylic paint before we applied it to our canvases.


Then we went through approximately 20 cards before completing our canvases.  We added watercolor and stamped an image multiple times.


We added texture with fiber paste, doodled and used pastels on our canvases.


And we added several other techniques and elements before finishing up our pieces.

MM-Card-deck10_edited-1 MM-Card-deck8

I have to say that it was very interesting to see how each of the canvases turned out using the same prompts and I definitely want to try it again!  Have you ever tried using prompts when creating art?

Carved Journal Stamps

I am always trying to think of different types of stamps to carve for my art journal but the ones that I go to the most are my days of the week, months and numbers stamps.  Instead of trying to carve all 12 month stamps, I make it a monthly goal to carve a stamp for the next month.  For example, we are currently in the month of June.  I will be sure to carve a July stamp by the first of July so I can have it for my first July entry in my Journal.  Here is what I have so far.


Looks like I need to get busy and carve my July stamp…oops.

I use my number stamps for the days of the month.


And finally I have my days of the week stamps, which I normally use every time I journal in my daily art journal that is used primarily for journaling.


Stay tuned for next week’s blog post where I will share art journal pages from last month and how I use my hand carved stamps.  If you have any hand carved stamps that you use in your art journal, I’d love to see them!