Trip to Amherst

A few of my mixed media buddies and I decided to take a trip up to Amherst, Ohio to attend an art journal class at Stamplistic.  Rather than just driving up for the class and arriving in Amherst at the time that class started, we decided to make an afternoon trip out of it 🙂

Once we reached Amherst, our first stop was a little Polish Bakery called Kiedrowski’s.  I purchased a shortbread cookie, which my daughter thought was delicious and suggested that I purchase one every time I go up there…lol, and a Snoogle, which is one item that the bakery is known for.  It was equally as delicious as the cookie!


After the bakery, we did a little shopping at Pat Catan’s.  It was my first time at a Pat Catan’s store and I never realized that they carried fine art products.  It was a nice surprise.

After shopping, we headed to Mr. Hero for dinner.  Hot buttered cheesesteak and waffle fries with cheese please 😉

Then, finally the art journaling class at Stamplistic and taught by Jennifer.  The class was based on techniques that are done by mixed media artist Dyan Reaveley.  We played with her spray inks, stencils stamps, even her new paints!  We had a lot of fun.

Art-Journal-class-Mar-15-7 Art-Journal-class-March-15 Art-Journal-class-March-15- Art-Journal-class-Mar-15-6 Art-Journal-class-Mar-15-4 Art-Journal-class-Mar-15-3

We also did some shopping at Stamplistic as well.  I can definitely see us taking another trip there in the near future!

If you would like to get details on products sold at Stamplistic or check their class schedule, you can visit them on the web at

They also have an online store full of scrapbooking and mixed media goodies!

Thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂

March Product Pick

My Product Pick of the Month for March is the Inkssentials Craft Scrubbie from Ranger.


It is great for getting paint, matte medium, ink and just about any other medium off of your hands.  You just wet the scrubbie with water and then rub it on your wet/soapy hands.  It has the texture and weight of Styrofoam.


For so long I’ve had to explain to others why my hands were an inky mess, and usually I’m proud of them, but for certain occasions, I want clean hands.  And let me tell you, this thing works!!!  You can find them at Michaels and Joann Fabrics for about $5.00.  I even found them at a privately owned scrapbook store in Amherst, Ohio, called Stamplistic.  They also have a website where you can purchase items at

If you have a tough time getting ink, paint and such off of your hands, you have got to give this product a try.  I think you will be impressed 🙂

Do you have a favorite product that you would like to share this month?

Personalized Planner Dividers

I know I briefly discussed in a previous post about how I used my Amazon Laminator to make dividers for my A5 Kikki.K planner.  I’m going to give you step by step instructions on how I made the dividers.

First, you will need to make a divider template.  Of course the easiest route would be to not make a template at all and just use your current planner dividers as templates.  You would just trace all around the current dividers in your planner, making sure to trace around each one so you have different tabs for each divider.  If you are like me, you can never settle on doing anything that is too easy.  I used the basic size and shape of my dividers that came with my planner and traced that; however, I didn’t like the tabs on them, so I used an oval paper punch to punch out an oval.


You can see that I marked a white line on the oval on the left.  This let me know where I wanted the edge of my divider to set on my oval so they were even.  I added some temporary adhesive to the oval and stuck it to my divider template where I wanted the tab to be.  Then I traced my template on to scrapbook paper.


Cut out your divider.  If your scrapbook paper doesn’t have a pattern on both sides, you may want to do what I did and cut out the mirror image of your divider on to another piece of scrapbook paper.


Then cut that divider out and clip both sides of the divider to one another before attaching them together with adhesive. You just need to tack them down.  The laminating pouch will keep them together.


Then I used my label maker to make my own labels and attached them to my divider tabs.  I actually trimmed my labels to fit my tabs before I placed them on.

Label-Maker Planner-divider-label

Next you place your dividers into your laminating pouch and run through your laminator.

Planner-divider-in-laminati Planner-divider-laminating

Once it has cooled, trim around your divider to remove the excess laminating pouch.  I tried to leave at least a quarter of an inch around the divider because if I cut too close, the laminating pouch didn’t want to seal on the edges.  After I trimmed my divider, I ran it through my laminator again, just to be sure that all of the edges were sealed.  Once that is completed, you will repeat this process for all of your dividers.  Just remember to always move your tab along the side of the divider template so your tabs are staggered in your planner.

I love how personal and unique you can make your planner by making your own personalized dividers!

Planner-dividers-in-kikkik- Planner-dividers-2-kikkik-p

I even attach quotes and artwork to my dividers with washi tape.  Since we laminated the dividers, it is easy to remove and change them out as often as you like.  I learned this little trick from Christy Tomlinson, AKA: theplannersociety on Instagram.

I hope that this helps you to personalize your own planner and if you give it a try, I’d love for you to post some pictures of your planner!

February ATC Swap

Last week we met for our monthly Artist Trading Card (ATC) swap and the theme was “Destinations.”  Some interpreted destinations as being different locations that you can visit around the world and other interpreted it a little differently.  For instance, Brent created this card with the destination obviously being a graveyard.


He interpreted it as a destination that we will all visit eventually.  He even attached a sleeve on the back where he inserted a poem that he wrote.  Definitely a grim take on the subject matter, which I like, and also clever in interpretation and execution with the poem.

On a lighter note, Maggy interpreted her destination as being a magical place that is based on an old classic, Oz, as in The Wizard of Oz.


I love the concept as well as the Steam Punk twist.

Kathleen also took an old classic and made her destination The Secret Garden.


How clever!  I really like how the flowers are trying to peak over the fence.

Deb didn’t choose a magical or make believe location, or an actual country or location.  She chose a beach, not a specific one.  Just a warm one with sand and palm trees.


What a cute idea and I’m sure that those of us in the northern states are dreaming of the beach right now after the winter we’ve had.  I know I am!

A few of us picked a specific country.  Just look at this adorable Geisha that Marsha created, and yes, that is an origami kimono.


She also wrote “Japan” in Japanese.  I absolutely adore this!

Tonya had a great idea and created different cards featuring different countries, so they were all different.  I grabbed this one, which represents Holland.


I love the layering and collage in this one.

This is the ATC that I created for Scotland.


I used Faber Castell Gelatos as watercolor on the sky.  The hills were made from a gelli print and the castle was just a piece of scrap paper that I embellished with the Scottish flag.  The “Nessie” was made with a stamp that I carved.  I wanted to get an eerie shadow effect.  And the water was made with spray ink and Glossy Accents to create the glossy water effect.  I also made water ripples by dragging a toothpick through the Glossy Accents while it was wet.

We had the pleasure of meeting a new member last week, Tabitha.  She joined late in the game and was unaware of the “Destination” theme for the month, but she did provide some rad ATC’s using ink.


Each card had a different bird with a different word.  So happy to have her join our group!

The theme for our March swap is “Monochromatic.”  Each of us chose a color, which we have to use in 90% of our ATC design.  We can use different shades of that color with a small amount of other accent colors.  Can’t wait to see what everyone has created.

 We are always trying to think of fun and different themes for our swaps.  Do you have any awesome suggestions for ATC swap themes?  I would love to hear them!