Product Pick of the Month

The product that I chose for January isn’t exactly an art supply or product, but to me it is something that helps get the creative juices flowing.  It is also a great kick-start for someone who is intimidated by art journaling.  My product pick is the book “Wreck This Journal” by Keri Smith.


Each page of the journal tells you what to do to that particular page.  For instance, it may tell you to tear out a page and crumple it up, or tear a page out, put it in your pocket, put it through the wash and then put it back in the book.



Then there are pages that for me, get me to relax and not worry about “messing up my journal.”  I apply this same way of thinking (or try to anyway) when I am creating in my art journal.  Just let go and roll with whatever feels right, without thinking too much about it.


My four year-old daughter even helped me with this page, as well as many others.  Of course there are some that young children will not be able to do, but there are enough to make it fun to do together.  I remember, when I brought this book home after I purchased it and showed it to my daughter, she was so excited.  I think she had us do ten pages the first night…lol!  We even wiped our pizza sauce covered faces on this page.


I know, it looks disgusting, but it was SO MUCH FUN!  You can find the book at Barnes and Noble as well as Amazon.  Keri Smith also has similar books, such as “Finish This Book” and “The Pocket Scavenger.”  Hope you give one of them a try and if you have, let me know what you think 🙂


Birthday Crop

I was lucky enough to hang out with six lovely ladies on Saturday to celebrate the birthday of my friend, Lisa.  We all met up at Scrapbook Art for a fun day of scrapbooking, shopping and eating.  Here you can see Lisa with her Starbucks, not an unusual sight 🙂


Deb was busy working on her valentines.


And Tonya worked on a scrapbook for a friend to welcome their new baby.


 I was able to get two layouts done in my mixed media memory book for my son.

Lisa's-crop-2015-Link-faces Lisa's-crop-2015-Link-hairc

Making the pocket for the lock of hair from his first haircut took up a lot of my time but it was worth it.  Thanks to Tonya for helping me out 🙂

In the evening, we went to Bibibop for dinner.

Lisa's crop 2015-sisters Lisa's-crop-2015-me-at-bibi

And then we did something that I have been dying to do for a while now.  We stopped at Krispy Kreme when they had their “Hot Now” sign on.  Marsha and I were like two giddy school girls.

Lisa's crop 2015-krispy kreme hot now

They even show you how they make the doughnuts and give you a free donut.  All I can say is they just melt in your mouth and are so delicious.


Although I didn’t get much scrapbooking done, it was a great day spent with friends.


Fun with Bleeding Art Tissue

Lately I have been obsessed with tissue. Tissue paper from a present, a napkin and especially bleeding art tissue. I picked up a pack of the bleeding art tissue at Blick’s and took it to my friend Tonya’s for an art play date. The tissue was inexpensive and cost close to $3 for a 20-pack. The sheets are 20″x30″.


First, I glued pieces of the tissue into my art journal using Matte Medium.  Since the Matte Medium is wet, it made the colors bleed together some and created almost a stained glass effect.


Once it dried, I used it as a background and did my journaling on top of the tissue.


Another way to get the tissue to bleed together is to tear it in pieces, layer them on top of each other like a collage, then spray them with water until the colors bleed into one another.



We laid the tissue on a piece of heavy weight paper, you could use watercolor paper or heavy mixed media paper, and then sprayed the tissue with water.  This allowed the colors from the tissue to bleed onto the paper beneath it, which could be used for another project or as I did, you guessed it, another art journal page.


You can use a heat tool to speed up the drying process, or wait until the tissue paper is completely dry before lifting it off of the paper.


After it is dry, it can then be used to collage in a journal, like I did in the background of this journal page.


You can even use it to create ATC’s (Artist Trading Cards) like my friend Tonya did.


Either way, it is a beautiful, colorful and easy way to jazz up any art project.  If you know of any other great ways to use bleeding art tissue or any other cool techniques, please share 😉


Gifts from the Heart

I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays.  I don’t know about you but I felt like they flew by faster than any other year that I can remember, although somehow I was able to make a few handmade gifts for family members.  I always struggle with the idea of giving my artwork as gifts.  My first thought is usually, “It is a personal gift from the heart that they will enjoy.”  Then I usually have the thought, “That’s kind of conceded to think that someone would want my artwork as a gift,” that follows immediately afterward.  Well, I decided to give it a shot and went a little crazy this year.

I made this She Art inspired Flower Girl for my Aunt Lisa.  If you have not taken any of Christy Tomlinson’s online classes, she has many online and in person classes to choose from, including her She Art classes.  You have to check them out.  I absolutely love Christy’s style and she is so sweet.  This style of She Art Girl she calls her Flower Girl and it is taught in her She Art 4 course.


Aunt Lisa loved the painting and said that it was one of the best gifts that she had ever received.  It made me so happy to hear her say that.

The next painting was also inspired by Christy’s She Art 4 workshop and she calls this one her Quilt Girl.  I made this one for my grandmother.


I also made a quilt girl for our extended family member (our son’s babysitter); however, hers was a Christmas quilt girl.


And finally, this last painting is from my Innocence series that I made for my mother.  She had seen my original girl from the series and wanted me to make one for her as well.  So, I surprised her by sending this little girl to her in Florida.


I also made two bracelets, again inspired by one of Christy’s workshops, her Belt Bracelet workshop.  My husband’s brother passed away unexpectedly several years ago at a young age.  My mother-in-law gave me one of his belts to possibly make her a bracelet.  So for Christmas, I made a bracelet for her and her sister.  I made them both a little different but added the quote, “Follow Me,” on both bracelets.  The song “Follow Me” by Uncle Kracker was one of his favorite songs before he passed away and his family always thought of him when they heard it.  I have to say that this was one of the coolest and most heartfelt gifts that I have ever made or given to anyone before. This is the bracelet that I made for my mother-in-law.


In the end, I’m so glad that I decided to ignore the thought that I am a conceded person to want to give someone my artwork as a gift.  Everyone seemed to appreciate the gift even more since it was a handmade gift from my heart.

What about you?  Did you make any gifts for friends or family members this Christmas?

To learn more about Christy Tomlinson and her workshops, check out her website at