Mixed Media Canvas Class

Come and create a mixed media canvas with me at the Bucyrus Golf Club, located at 1330 East Mansfield Street in Bucyrus, Ohio, on November 15, 2014 at 1:00P.M. No art experience required. Seriously, it’s that easy! All supplies and materials will be provided for you. You only need to bring a few inspirational quotes or phrases and a positive attitude. You will learn collage techniques as well as how to paint and texturize your canvas. This is a canvas that I created using the same techniques that we will be doing in class:

The cost of the class is $40, which will need to be paid upon registration of the class to secure your spot. Only 10 spots available. If you are interested, just email me at: lonebirdstudio@outlook.com. If the class is full and others wish to attend, another class date will be scheduled. You can also view this event on Facebook at :

Hope to see you there!


2014 Colonel Crawford Fall Festival

My first show at the Colonel Crawford Fall Festival was a success.  I had so much fun and met some pretty awesome people throughout the day, including my first customer, Allie (sorry if  I spelled your name wrong):


I was fortunate enough to have my booth inside of the school.  Unfortunately some vendors were stuck outside during winter-like weather and temperatures.  Here are a few shots of my booth:




(Sorry, this one is a little blurry but it was the best one I could find)

This was my first experience setting up at a major art/craft show.  I must say that it was a lot of work but a great experience.  It also affected my work in both positive and negative ways.  Knowing that I had an upcoming show forced me to take the time to make art more frequently than normal, which I loved.  However, it also felt forced at times and made me want to just do art in my art journal for me and not worry about making something “pretty” or appealing to others.  But it also helped me grow as an artist.  So, of course, I signed up for next year 🙂  Look for my booth at the Colonel Crawford Fall Festival in October 2015!!!!


And be sure to check out my blog and Facebook page this week for details on my upcoming mixed-media canvas class!!!!